Lower Lonsdale off-Leash Area Survey

Lower Lonsdale Off-Leash Area Survey

Please review the information panels and provide your feedback. Thank you for participating.

Information Panels

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We have proposed five guiding principles that we are considering when planning for new off-leash areas.

Five Guiding Principles

  1. Ensure the location is easily accessible by all park users and within walking distance of most dog owners.
  2. Look for compatibility with existing park uses. Consider the existing park uses and reduce or eliminate potential park user conflict (ie proximity with playgrounds, picnic areas, active sport areas).
  3. Ensure the location is within an identified underserved area.
  4. Minimize impact on the natural environment and locate away from environmentally sensitive areas such as streams.
  5. Design the off-leash area to enhance existing park features.

We are looking for suitable locations in Lower Lonsdale parks for a new, small urban off-leash area. Please review the park attributes on the information panels below and select the ones you feel are most suitable for an off-leash area.

Thank you for your input.